What is Montessori?


Montessori is a method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori through many years of observing children and their needs.  Special educational materials were designed to help children to develop independence, self-confidence, and coordination. The teacher will care and guide the children with their activities and with their interactions of the materials and classroom environment.  

Twinkle Stars Montessori Centres has and provides all the 5 areas of Montessori learning as well as an arts centre, and circle-time (where children enjoy, music, movement and story time).  We also offer Mandarin and French circle time and field trips to compliment our well-rounded program. 

Practical Life:

Practical Life is an area which links the child from home to school.  Many activities are present that are familiar to the child in the areas of care of self and care of the environment.


Sensorial is an area with materials that help refine the senses:  Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Olfaction.  These are co-ordinated as a direct preparation tool for Algebra and Geometry.  Additionally, these materials provide many fun activities to do with friends.


Language is another area in our classroom which provides many chances for the children to learn  sounds of letters, new vocabulary, word building , pre-reading, and reading activities.  


Math is something that we use everyday and is used by all.  The children work with concrete materials and concepts that lead towards abstract concepts as we respect their individual interest and capabilities.


Cultural Studies contains the studies of Science, Geography, Botany, Zoology and Social Studies. Children will enjoy learning about the land, air, and water, names of Continents, plants and animals. 

Creative Arts:

At our facilities the children are provided on a daily basis an opportunity to explore the art easel and do a weekly craft.  These process-based crafts  prove to be important to a child's development and understanding.

Physical Activity:

Physical activity happens during circle time, outside walks and garden work.  


Open snack table allows children to eat when they are hungry.  The safety of each child is important to us.  All children must wash hands before helping themselves to a snack.  

Social - Emotional Development:

The intent of Twinkle Stars Montessori is to promote each child's independence, self-confidence, respect of self and others in an environment that is fun, stimulating and challenging.