Welcome to Twinkle Stars Montessori Daycare/SVCMD


Full Day Montessori Daycare Program



PHONE:        (604) 568-1515  or (604) 325-4049

Program is open all year round.

Closed:        Last 2 weeks of August.

Students:    2.5 to 6 years of age

Program Hours:  7:45 a.m. to 5:30   Monday to Friday

Full Day Montessori Program

Daily Routine

Our daily program consists of circle time and time for children to choose activities from a complete range of Montessori materials, art materials and the library corner.  Music is incorporated every day offering an opportunity for children to develop their singing voices, rhythm, and dance.  As part of the curriculum, children will learn French & Mandarin through pictures, songs and stories.  At daycare children are offered 2 daily  snacks.  The open snack table allows children to eat when they are hungry.  Children are supervised to ensure proper hand-washing and promote good socialization skills.  

The program is designed allowing students to progress at their own pace, mastering activities at their potential.

The areas covered in a Montessori program are:

1. Practical Life Activities – promoting gross motor activities, finger grasp, and hand- eye coordination, sense of order, concentration (which fosters self-confidence and self-esteem).

2. Sensorial Awareness – discover colour, size, shape, taste, smell, sound, sight, touch – develop/explore senses for further learning.

3. Language Development – beginning foundation of reading and writing – learning “phonetic sounds” of the alphabet. Through songs, music and games, other languages are introduced. Languages: French,  and Mandarin

4. Mathematics – matching quantity with symbols gives a child a concrete understanding in preparation for an abstract understanding of higher, more complete functions and operations

5. Culture & Botany – bringing the world into the classroom.  Appreciating and understanding the cultures around us – exploring our continents, land, air, water.  Each student participates in taking care of an allocated plant.

In addition to the Montessori cultural component, our outdoor garden lends itself to further exploration of plants and nature. 

6. Physical & Health

Daily physical activity is important to ensure healthy development of children.  At Twinkle Stars Montessori Daycare/SVCMD children have a large outdoor play area and garden to enjoy.  The area is secure and safe with a fence and locking gate.  The teachers will take children to outdoor play and will remain with them until it is time to return to the classroom setting.


Time| Main Activities & Transitions

7:45 Morning Greeting; practice Grace & Courtesy


7:50 (Child is encouraged to change shoes & put away backpack)

7:55 Montessori Work Cycle Begins 

        Children move freely around the classroom

        Children select individual work of their choice

        Eg: Montessori materials, lesson work, snack, art, books

11:10 Teacher announces to children to tidy up in preparation for morning 

           circle time.  Children have 5 minutes to slowly put away their work.

11:15 Circle Time 

            Practice HELLO song, calendar, topics of discussion, show and tell,  

            interactive games; movement activities, finger plays, singing,  

            musical instruments.  

            Purpose is to develop a shared understanding and to develop 

            critical thinking skills and have fun learning with friends.

11:45  Children begin transition to outdoor activities. 

            (Children are encouraged to change shoes and put on their jackets 



11:50  Children play outside

            (If there is bad weather, children are given 5 - 10 minutes to expend 

            some energy)

12: 30 Children will go inside and change their shoes, wash their hands 

            before eating their lunch.

1:00 Children will pack up their lunches and visit the bathroom

1:05 Bathroom routine  (please bring a tooth brush)

1:10 Nap & Rest Time.  Children may bring a soft toy or book and lay

         down for quiet time.  Most children nap, but if they don’t want

         to nap they need to have a quiet rest for approx. 20 minutes while

         the teachers put the nappers to sleep.

2:00 to 3:00 Children are slowly waking up from nap.

3:00  Afternoon Circle time

3:20 Afternoon Snack

3:45:  Craft or Outdoor play ( weather permitting )

4:00 Outdoor Play:

         Socialization, large and small muscle coordination, 

         understanding of the elements, exploration with digging, 

         gardening, sound board, sharing with others

4:30   Free Play:  Children choose a work of their choice.

          Montessori work, exploration, socialization, art, puzzles, puzzles, blocks

5:30   Daycare Closes